Program to Make Graph Paper

Gas Flame Tube

Bar Magnetizer and Elihu Thompson Apparatus

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Kelvin Water Drop Generator

Explanation - Plans - Photos - Construction Details

Lab 7 New Version  10-25-2011  .docx file

Frames of Reference - Photo

12-foot Rotor for Two Students

Batteries and Bulbs - Self-Paced 1987
ESS Batteries and Bulbs Book 1 Circuits I
Ticker Tape Worksheet
ESS Batteries and Bulbs Book 2 Circuits & Magnets
Parallax Activity Investigation
ESS Batteries and Bulbs Book 3 Circuits II

Compile of Web Sites - 2008

ESS Batteries and Bulbs Book 4 Guide to Books
First Christmas in Heaven Song
2011 Pre-Final Power Point - Answers
How PSSC Physics Affected My Teaching
Fermi Questions
Physics Classic Video List by Jeff Wetherhold
Teach Fermi Problems Article
How to SolveFermi Questions P Point
PSSC Self Paced Materials
Practical Estimating Using Scientific Notation P Point

PSSC Self-Paced Introduction Materials

Fermi Questions with Answers (93) Word File
Ch A Time and Measurement PSSC
Ch B Functions and Scaling PSSC
Ch 1 Motion Along a Straight Line Path
Ch 2 Newton's Laws of Motion
Ch 3 Motion in 3 Dimensions
Ch 4 Motion Under Some Common Forces